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3D applications and After Effects are my home. I do animation, modeling, texturing, rigging, lighting, rendering, and compositing.  When not in Maya, After Effects, Illustrator, or Photoshop, I’m watching tutorials for a cool new process of creating hatching shaders or how to utilize simple scripts and filters in AE to make  some neat flowing glowing forms that can be used to enhance a title or taken apart to make something else even more fantastical. Even when I need to relax, I’m writing Unity game engine scripts for the video games I wish I had time to make, trying to work with a friend to learn how to do 3D printing on the cheap, or staring in awe at the new mod someone made for Skyrim.

I’ve always been really into drawing and watercolor. In Middle School I started using Photoshop and a wacom tablet eventually replaced most of my utensils. I graduated from the Minneapolis College of Art in Design in 2012. The plan had been to stick with illustration, but in school that path didn’t seemed challenging enough. I loved working with stories and sequential concepts, so I took a 3D animation course. It felt like I could finally pull that crazy dream out of my head and make it move, make it live. And that was sort of it. No matter how many times Maya crashes I’ll keep coming back, forum notes in hand.

Things have been sort of everywhere since I finished school. I’ve been trying to finish some of the short films I’d started, but keep finding myself in need of helping other people’s projects.  With the Fang and Talon  web series project that included carrying equipment and water around set up and down endless hills, advising shots for visual effects, storyboarding, and promoting it as much as possible. Luckily the work paid off and the project was successfully funded through kickstarter and I did many simple special effects for the show. Between these projects on my floating island of freelance, I’m very much looking forward to settling at a small studio some day. I want to be some place where I can spend more time working and less time fishing for clients.

There are a lot of  late nights working and the financial stress with freelance. Getting a new character rigged or seeing a new set lit from different camera angles makes it worth it.  Having some others to work with, to bounce ideas and share the time burden makes it better.  Art and technology have a humongous potential to make the imagined become real. So lets do it! Lets take a chance and embark on a journey. Lets mix our thoughts and pour out a vision that we can share!